Buildings - Sports Arena
The biggest building complex in Budapest was burnt down almost to the ground in a fire accident at the end of 1999. Therefore a new place was needed that can house sports and other cultural events, just like in the previous hall. Hungarian architects and the Anglo- American architectural office ’Sports Concepts’ worked jointly on the plans of the new complex, which was then built by a giant French construction company. The new building was opened in 2003, its shape resembles a huge pebble, and it is capable of hosting various events due to its modern structure. The ground can be freed so that the ’arena’ part can be expanded to 8000 m2. The space can be separated in different ways, which enables the arena to host various sports competitions, concerts, shows, conferences and other events such as basketball show, ice theater or even motocross. The official name of the building has been László Papp Sports Arena since 2004.

Doblo Wine & Bar
Budapest, Dob u. 20.

Spoon Cafe & Lounge
Budapest V., Vigadó tér 3. kikötő

Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant
Budapest VI., Podmaniczky u. 14.

Vár a Speiz
Budapest I. , Hess András tér 6.