Castles, Fortifications - Vajdahunyad Castle
The story of Vajdahunyad Castle – just like that of Heroes’ Square – started with the Millennium Exhibition preparations. A bidding competition was organized, in which it was fixed that the group of buildings have to be constituted form a Roman, a Gothic and a Renaissant-Baroque unit, Ignácz Alpár won this comptition, who then travelled extensively in order to study the most relevant architectural features. Finally, a unique building was erected, since features of several remarkable buildings were put together here in one bulding: the stairs of the castle in Keresd (Criș), the well of the Town Hall in Bratislava, the clock tower in Segesvár (Sighișoara), the gate of the castle in Diakovár (Đakovo), the balcony of the Rákóczi house in Eperjes (Prešov), Katalin bastion in Brasov, Banská Bystrica and Bardejov Town Hall, the Knight hall in the castle of Vajdahunyad, Bakócz chapel in Esztergom, the ceiling of Queen Mary’s house in Kremnica, and paintings form the church in Mezőtelegd (Tileagd). This building houses the biggest agricultural museum in Europe.

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