Elizabeth Square

The biggest green spot in downtown is Erzsébet tér (Elizabeth Square). It has a classic well – Danubius well – in its centre.

In 1997 the National Theatre was planned to be built here but (preliminary) construction works were stopped in 1998 and the theatre was finally built at a completely different part of the city. The place was used for the construction of an underground parking place and an entertainment facility, the so called Gödör Club (Pit Club) was opened at the spot. Gödör is a central spot for sizzling summer evenings: many come here just to laze the afternoon away, for chatting, cramming for exams, watching people, or at the tables placed on the stairs and in the actual pit listening to concerts and sipping “fröccs”, a typical Hungarian drink made from wine and sparkling water. Behind Gödör there is a skatepark, but you can also find a dog walk and a playground in Erzsébet tér.