Parisian Hall – Brudern-house

The building was first built in the 1800’s on the order made by Baron József Brudern, in the fashion of a contemporary Parisian building – hence the two names.

The eye-catching masterpiece at Ferenciek Square (Ferenciek tere) was probably finished in 1912 and praises the hands of Henrik Schmal and Pál Lipták. The house is decorated by maiolica and eosin – made by the famous Zsolnay porcelain producer manufacture-, raw brick and a crystal glass dome. It is indeed rich in ornamentation: the somewhat oriental facade is in part covered in red copper and glass mosaic, there are French balconies with cast-iron or stone bars, and statues. Inside you will find mosaic tile floors, colored leaded glass windows. The building used to house a bank, shops, a travel agency and a few flats on the top floors. By today, all the shops, banks are gone, and the building is for sale.