Tomb of Gül baba

If you had enough of the hustle-and-bustle of downtown, you don’t have to run as far as the forests and hills around Buda for a little peace and quiet, it’s enough to walk up to the Tomb of Gül baba in district II.

Close to the Buda end of Margaret-bridge, there’s an old-fashioned small street that leads there. Climb the stairs and there you are at the Turkish sepulcher. Stepping in through the gate, you’ll find yourself in a garden with the tomb (türbe) in the middle and various different details all around: a drinking-trough, taps on the wall, glazed tile decorations on the walls, an archway, from where you will see the city lying at your feet. Gül baba (a dervish) was a great horticulturalist and it was him who introduced cultivated roses to Hungary. He had a beautiful rose garden, after which this part of the city, Rózsadomb (Rose-hill) was named after. This is a moslim pilgrimage site even today.