Palace of Arts

The Palace of Arts (Művészetek Palotája, or MÜPA for short) is a unique institute in Central Europe: you will find in the region no other building that is so sophisticated and comprises of such manifold cultural functions.

A new cultural European centre was envisioned and finally took shape on the banks of the Danube, part of the UNESCO World Heritage, which is capable of housing a great variety of arts. The group of buildings consists of three main parts: Bartók Béla National Concert Hall in the centre, Ludwig Museum (LUMU) closer to the Danube, and Festival Theatre on the other side. What programs are on the palette? Classical and popular music, world music, jazz, opera, theatre, movie theatre, dance, exhibition, family and youth programs. The building is dressed in special lighting in the evenings. All in all, MÜPA was rightly awarded with the Oscar Prize of the architectural world, the “FIABCI Prix d’Excellence 2006”.