Sándor Palace

Sándor-palota, located at Szent György Square in the Buda castle district, was built in 1806 in classicist style.

It is doubtful whether it was build based on the plans by the Hungarian architect Mihály Pollack or Johann Aman from Vienna. It was named after the Sándor Earls who owned and lived in it. After 1867 (the year of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise) Earl Andrássy (a famous statesman) chose the abandoned palace as the seat of the prime minister, and it went on to be the office of the Hungarian prime minister until the end of World war II. The palace was badly damaged in the war and remained in that poor state for a long time. Its reconstruction began in 1983 and saw the final touches in 2002. It has been the seat of the Office of the President ever since. Palace guards took over the protocollary guarding duties from the Republic Guard Regiment starting from January 1st 2012.